Jul 152015

Investigadores e profissionais são convidados a submeter artigos, posters ou demonstradores para cada uma das conferências, os quais serão objecto de revisão de duplo anonimato (double blind).

Video Jogos: Tópicos
Potential topics include, but are not limited to:
Design and development methodologies
Level design
Sound and audio
Character animation
Game art
Mathematics, physics, graphics and IA in games
Virtual reality in games
Game prototyping
Game production
Mobile gaming
Interaction and usability in games
Game experience
Digital storytelling
Game creativity and emotions
Genre studies in games
Sociological and culture studies in games
Media and transmedia studies in games
Digital economy and game industry
Business models in games
Other relevant topics in games

+infos: http://scitecin.isr.uc.pt/index.php/pt/

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