Oct 282023

Gostava de ter acesso ao artigo “Lights! Dance! Freeze!: An interactive installation for exploring dance-musicals using embodied search” de Theodoros Papatheodorou e Jessica Wolpert, em que:

“Traditionally, movie watchers absorb content passively. This paper describes an immersive film installation where participants use their whole body to browse and interact with a large database of musical films in a novel manner. Combining an RGB camera, machine learning-based body tracking techniques, and a unique system for indexing poses and films, the proposed installation tracks a participant’s movements and mirrors them in real-time by finding matching poses among hundreds of thousands from well-known musicals. When the participant holds a pose, the system begins playback of the corresponding film snippet that starts with the same pose, immersing them into the music and choreography from different eras. This approach explores themes of tangible interfaces and the new possibilities that emerge from employing embodied interaction to traverse the dance pose space, which is traditionally difficult to index and interact with in real time. The proposed pose indexing system and whole-body interaction open new pathways for cultural participation, as they lend themselves to different datasets and require no technical skills from participants.”

+infos(oficial): LINK

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