May 182017

Aqui está um grupo de trabalho acerca de Gaming and gamification.

Gaming Horizons is a multidisciplinary project under the H2020 programme that aims to expand the research and innovation agenda in games and gamification.

The project’s objectives are to foster socially responsible games research, to open up the dialogue across the entertainment and applied-games sectors, and to investigate future directions at the intersection of ethics and social research.

Over a period of 14 months, Gaming Horizons will conduct a series of consultations and exchanges among communities of developers, policy makers, users and researchers, and will interrogate the official ‘H2020 discourse’ on gamification with the aim of identifying alternative framings for research in the field. In the process, a number of sensitive social issues will be placed under the lens, including gender and minority representation in gaming, as well as ethical questions concerning the design and deployment of games, game mechanics and gameful interactions for learning and behavioural change. Another area of critical investigation concerns the degree to which the spread of (applied) gameful experiences is intrinsically bound to high-end technological innovation.

Expected results
Among the outputs Gaming Horizons is expected to produce is a set of recommendations illustrating how gameful approaches might be employed thoughtfully and responsibly for a broad range of socially significant purposes, including education and social change.

University of Leeds
Breda University of Applied Sciences – NHTV

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