Nov 192015

Uma palestra (workshop) que decorreu na UMinho no departamento de TSI intitulada “Value-Based Healthcare Through a Standardized Process Management Mode”, pelo professor Pascal Ravesteyn.

Abstract: During the last two years the HU University of Applied Sciences cooperated with the Rivierenland hospital in the Netherlands. At this hospital a standardised process management model was developed to achieve value-based healthcare, wherein the value of each step in the healthcare process is clearly defined. Within this new model, healthcare activities are divided into three main processes: case management, ordering and services. Case management helps to govern and coordinate complex and changing care pathways. Each patient is assigned a case manager, who establishes the care needs and evaluates progress. Using the ordering process, the case manager requests standardised services such as consultation, treatment and care. The trigger, development and use of this model will be presented and participants will receive a recently published scientific paper in which the research and model are described.



Jul 222015

ERCIS Annual Workshop
Dates for 2015: 24.-26.8. in Guimares
Since 2010, the ERCIS network invites all its academic members to join the Annual Workshop, which takes place once a year. Each time, the Annual Workshop is hosted by a different partner institution. Following Vaduz (Liechtenstein) in 2010, Bordeaux (France) in 2011, Kaunas (Lithuania) in 2012, Turku (Finland) in 2013, and Rome (Italy) in 2014, this year’s workshop will take place in Minho (Portugal).

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