Aug 302016

Viswanath Venkatesh e alguns colegas lançaram um novo artigo intitulado Guidelines for Conducting Mixed-methods Research: An Extension and IllustrationLINK

É um artigo bastante extenso com 34 páginas de reflexões num total de 61.

Sep 052009

I think I’m going to use the Structured-case approach, but i have a problem related with the article where it saids:

“Structured-case builds on these existing works and extends them, in order to provide a more usable and useful representation of the process of inducing theory from field work, for researchers working within the interpretivist paradigm. It provides an overall framework that includes constructing and articulating a preliminary conceptual structure, collecting and analysing data, and reflecting on the outcomes to build knowledge and theory. Structured-case assists at a high level of abstraction; the researcher must select and specify the concrete research details within the chosen research method. The particular approach taken within the interpretivist paradigm will influence the selection of techniques used for collecting and analysing the data (such as document analysis, interviews, observation, participant observation and use of contextual analysis, protocol analysis, and grounded theory) within the structured-case framework.”

this means that an investigator must choose a method after adopting this approach? For example, can i choose the grounded theory method to develop my research? I have a problem understanding the meaning of “the researcher must select and specify the concrete research details within the chosen research method

Authors: Carroll, J.M. e Swatman,P.A.
my Reference: Carroll, J.M. e Swatman,P.A. (2000) “Structured-case: a methodological framework for building theory in information systems research”, European Journal of Information Systems, Volume 9, Number 4, 1 December 2000 , pp. 235-242(8)