May 022023

Understanding Interactive Digital Narrative Immersive Expressions for a Complex Time” de Hartmut Koenitz
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“This remarkably clearly written and timely critical evaluation of core issues in the study and application of interactive digital narrative (IDN) untangles the range of theories and arguments that have developed around IDN over the past three decades.

Looking back over the past 30 years of theorizing around interactivity, storytelling, and the digital across the fields of game design/game studies, media studies, and narratology, as well as interactive documentary and other emerging forms, this text offers important and insightful correctives to common misunderstandings that pervade the field. This book also changes the perspective on IDN by introducing a comprehensive conceptual framework influenced by cybernetics and cognitive narratology, addressing limitations of perspectives originally developed for legacy media forms. Applying its framework, the book analyzes successful works and lays out concrete design advice, providing instructors, students, and practitioners with a more precise and specific understanding of IDN.

This will be essential reading for courses in interactive narrative, interactive storytelling, and game writing, as well as digital media more generally.”

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“Homo ludens presenta diferentes posiciones respecto al videojuego yplantea preguntas que obligan a poner en cuestión nuestras certezas. Adiferencia de otras exposiciones sobre el tema, basadas en aspectoshistóricos, simbólicos y visuales, esta adopta una perspectiva crítica:invita al espectador a reflexionar y a tomar partido, al tiempo quemuestra todas las interpretaciones y potencialidades de los videojuegos:desde su impacto en el mundo del arte, la computación y la ciencia a losindie games que aportan visiones alternativas que permiten romperestigmas y estereotipos y contribuir a la aparición de una nuevasensibilidad social o medioambiental.”

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Sep 172022

Gostava de ter acesso a “Teaching the Middle Ages through Modern Games Using, Modding and Creating Games for Education and Impact” editado por Robert Houghton

Da apresentação do livro faz parte: “Games can act as invaluable tools for the teaching of the Middle Ages. The learning potential of physical and digital games is increasingly undeniable at every level of historical study. These games can provide a foundation of information through their stories and worlds. They can foster understanding of complex systems through their mechanics and rules. Their very nature requires the player to learn to progress.

The educational power of games is particularly potent within the study of the Middle Ages. These games act as the first or most substantial introduction to the period for many students and can strongly influence their understanding of the era. Within the classroom, they can be deployed to introduce new and alien themes to students typically unfamiliar with the subject matter swiftly and effectively. They can foster an interest in and understanding of the medieval world through various innovative means and hence act as a key educational tool.

This volume presents a series of essays addressing the practical use of games of all varieties as teaching tools within Medieval Studies and related fields. In doing so it provides examples of the use of games at pre-university, undergraduate, and postgraduate levels of study, and considers the application of commercial games, development of bespoke historical games, use of game design as a learning process, and use of games outside the classroom. As such, the book is a flexible and diverse pedagogical resource and its methods may be readily adapted to the teaching of different medieval themes or other periods of history.”

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