May 292019

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Game Based Learning Using Unreal Engine

“In order for students to be better served; a system that can be designed to adapt education delivery to students’ needs as well as give students an immersive education experience is needed. Classes are often comprised of students with diverse learning styles and differing proficiency backgrounds and as a result, the traditional education system often under-serves many students. Game Based Learning (GBL) includes applications and software used to train, teach, or facilitate the learning of a subject. We proposed a game called Ecomerica, to show how a GBL system can lead to better learning of introductory topics on economics.”


Aug 262011

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A case study strategy as part of an information systems research methodology: a critique

“A case study strategy as part of an Information Systems (IS) research methodology embodies a unique style and is one that can employ a variety of research methods. This scientific approach to research appears to be increasing in popularity in the area of IS, and is providing a legitimate alternative to the more traditional lines of enquiry. The authors of this paper identify the underlying purpose of a case study strategy and describe its research objectives. These typically include a strategy for (i) discovery and theory building; (ii) theory testing; and (iii) discovery, theory building and theory testing. The authors then debate the merits of a single versus multiple-case study design. This is followed by a discussion of the positivist and interpretivist epistemological approaches that a case study research strategy can take, drawing case study examples from the published IS literature, thus facilitating in the establishment of the readers epistemological stance. The authors then review the characteristics inherent in quantitative and qualitative research methods, which are summarised in a taxonomy. Finally, the authors conclude by stressing the suitability of a case study strategy when part of an IS research methodology”. (

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Aug 032011

Outra fonte importante para SI (ou IS), é os escritos do Professor Michael Myers na sua página (Qualitative Research in Information Systems: References on Case Study Research):
“A standard text for anyone wanting to do case study research is the book by Yin (2002). Three important methodological articles on the case study method in the IS field are those by Benbasat et al. (1987), Dubé and Paré (2003) and Lee (1989). One of the most cited empirical examples of case study research in Information Systems is the article by Markus (1983).”

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“The case research strategy in studies of information systems”

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