IS-EUD 2015

já foi mas..


In an increasingly connected world, we use computer technology in more and more of our work practices and everyday routines. End users face the challenge of adapting and combining these devices and technologies for their potentially various and differing purposes, and engage in creative, often collaborative, activities to make the infrastructures fit their practice.

End-user development has established itself as a research discipline that connects the ergonomics of programming with the users’ needs and abilities to shape the technological infrastructures they live in. The research does not aim at making everybody a programmer, but at allowing everybody to be in control of the technologies they live and work with at a degree of complexity of their choice. This includes improving the concepts and interfaces for programming and configuration as well as supporting end users in their activities to share, delegate and collaborate.

The IS-EUD 2015 in Madrid welcomes researchers and practitioners interested in exploring innovative, creative, simpler and more empowered ways of ideating, infrastructuring, configuring, adapting and programming our modern IT infrastructures at home and at work. We look at devices like smartphones, dishwashers, smart TVs, robots, cars, wearable IT, houses and laptops, and we look at practices and milieus like engineering, shopfloor, hackspaces, fab labs, app programming, e-health, e-mobility, e-democracy and energy efficient IT, and aim at improving tools, interfaces, processes and methods that support user-driven innovation.


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