Jul 082023

Uma malta de Harvard USA tem um repositório com algumas coisas interessantes e relacionadas com o “Pedagogy of Play“.  Alguns dos destaques vão para:
“WHY play is a core resource for learning
WHAT play looks and feels like in different cultural contexts
HOW educators can promote play and playful learning in schools, including practices and strategies for teaching and assessing learning through play
To understand and address social justice and equity issues associated with learning through play with teacher research and equity-centered teaching
To advocate for play as critical to children’s development and learning in schools
To use Playful Participatory Research to reflect on and deepen learning through play”

Deste projeto também surge o livro “A Pedagogy of Play: Supporting playful learning in classrooms and schools” com o resumo de:
“Play is at the heart of childhood. Through play, children learn how to collaborate, how to negotiate rules and relationships, and how to imagine and create. They learn to find and solve problems, think flexibly and critically, and communicate effectively. This book, written by researchers at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, draws on cross-cultural, empirical research to explore what it means to embrace play as a core part of learning in school. The authors address three questions: Why do educators need a pedagogy of play? What does playful learning in schools look and feel like? and How can educators promote playful learning? The book includes practices and strategies from the classroom to the staffroom, eight pictures of classroom practice from four countries, and 18 tools for teachers, school leaders, and professional development providers to support playful learning across content areas and age groups.”

+infos(oficial): https://pz.harvard.edu/projects/pedagogy-of-play

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