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Video Games and Adaptation: An Introduction
de Tatjana Ristić e Darjan Kubik

do resumo consta:
“The main idea of the paper is to analyse the relation of video games and adaptation both synchronically and diachronically. The synchronic aspect of the paper builds on contemporary academic insights while the diachronic one is founded in the gaming industry itself. In the first part, we outline a theoretical framework which is mainly derived from Linda Hutcheon’s idea of adaptation as re-mediation between three modes of engagement: the telling, showing and participatory mode. Her insights are then compounded with contemporary video game studies in order to shed a light on the unique features of video games as a medium and how other media are transcoded into and from the semiotic sign system constituted in these features. In the second part, we analyse examples from crucial periods of video game history. These include the badly received E.T. and Cyberpunk 2077, and influential video game series such as Warcraft, The Witcher and Halo. By looking into video games that chart all possible relations the participatory mode has with those of showing and telling, we wish to open up case-study examinations into the field of video game adaptation. The goal of the paper is therefore not to offer a comprehensive guide to the theory or history of video game adaptation but rather an overview meant to direct researchers toward possible and highly required further work in the field.”

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