diffusion of innovation:

alguns dos artigos sobre os quais debruçei o minha atenção:
(sd)it supported complex technology transfer in high-tech sector
(2009)enablers and inhibitors to early adoption of xbrl in the u.s.
(2009)dynamic diffusion of innovations: a leader-imitator combined structure pattern
(2009)diffusion of innovations: the leader- imitator combined structure model
(2009)diffusion of innovation theory_ a bridge for the research–practice gap in counseling
(2009)diffusion of innovation in private labels in food products
(2008)modelling the diffusion of innovation management theory using s-curves
(2008)investigate on the forming and its evolving of complex diffusion network based on netlogo
(2008)from adoption to diffusion of a telehealth innovation
(2008)exploring barriers to innovation diffusion in health care service organizations_an issue for effective integration of service architecture and information technologies
(2008)diffusion of technology in the south african private healthcare market
(2008)diffusion of innovation in a social environment: a multi agent based model
(2007)using theory to enhance technology transfer and diffusion of innovations
(2007)knowledge creation and diffusion in innovation networks by system viewpoint
(2007)diffusion of innovations in a small world network
(2007)an investigation of virtual worlds adoption_ a research framework and empirical study
(2006)is oo the systems development technology for your organization?
(2006)an empirical study of the determination of innovation adoption takeoff point by using content analysis
(2004)rethinking information technology transfer in higher education teaching
(2002)diffusion of software technology innovations in the global context
(2000)the adoption of new technology: the case of object-oriented computing in software companies
(1999)sequential adoption theory_a theory for understanding herding in technology adoption decisions
(1998)diffusion of innovations in the cybierorganization
(1990)the development and implementation of inter-organizational systems_ considered at three levels of analysis

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