Sep 302019

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Strategies for Endogenous Design of Educational Games de Athavale Sandeep Dalvi Girish
Epistemological Issues in Understanding Games Design, Play-Experience, and Reportage de Howell Peter Stevens Brett
How to Reference a Digital Game de Gualeni Stefano Fassone Riccardo Linderoth Jonas
Discourse at play: construction and professionalism of video-based game reviews de Jacobs Ruud S Duyvestijn Zino
A Taxonomy of Game Engines and the Tools that Drive the Industry de Toftedahl Marcus Engström Henrik
The Comparative Self: Understanding the Motivation to Play and the Subsequent Video Game Use de Kordyaka Bastian Jahn Katharina Müller Marius Niehaves Björn
GDC vs. DiGRA: Gaps in Game Production Research de Engström Henrik
A Recipe for Disaster? The Emerging Ludo Mix and the Outsourcing of Narrative de Bjarnason Nökkvi Jarl
Building a Gamer: Player Preferences and Motivations Across Gender and Genre de Tomlinson Christine
Methods Beyond the Screen: Conducting remote player studies for game design research de Muscat Alexander Duckworth Jonathan Wilson Douglas

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May 252015

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Smart Materials: When Art Meets Technology
Playful and Gameful Design for the Internet of Things
Hybrid Games: Designing Tangible Interfaces for Very Young Children and Children with Special Needs
Responsive Make and Play: Youth Making Physically and Digitally Interactive and Wearable Game Controllers

Aug 172012


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