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Data limite: February 25, 2015 at 2:00 PM EST

Call for Papers

We invite the submission of full papers on completed research, emergent research forum papers, and panels to the 21st Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS 2015), which will be held August 13-15, 2015 in Puerto Rico. AMCIS 2015 brings together academics and industry professionals around the world to exchange knowledge related to the AMCIS 2015 theme, Blue Ocean IS Research. Link to CFP: PDF download.

In the practitioner literature, a Blue Ocean Strategy suggests that a company should not try to outperform competition in an existing market, but rather to seek a different new market space or a “blue ocean”. Blue Ocean IS Research means research that is different – because it tackles a new and Emergent technology, adopts a novel trans-disciplinary perspective, or distinguishes itself in methodology, theoretical perspective, novel application, or adopts some other creative perspective that differentiates itself from existing IS research.

Full papers must describe completed research. They will be peer-reviewed using a double blind system and presented in general session format. Each general session will consist of three or four competitive papers accepted through the review process. General sessions employ a standard format of presentation by an author and general audience discussion. Each session (meeting room) is set up with presentation equipment (i.e., overhead projectors and screens). Full papers must not exceed 5,000 words (not counting referencesand Appendices) and must conform to the AMCIS 2015 submission template.Full papers that are accepted will be published in their entirety in the conference proceedings.

Emergent Research Forum (ERF) papers are a new option that is being introduced in AMCIS 2015. ERF papers will be presented by authors while interested participants gather to share ideas and discuss topics of mutual interest. ERF papers may describe completed research or research-in progress (RIP). The RIP papers should be papers that are near completion, and even may be completed by the time of the conference. (Note: Research- in-Progress papers may only be submitted as ERF papers.) All ERF papers will be judged on the merit of the research idea. All Emergent Research Forum papers will be presented in Emergent Research Forum presentation format which has two parts: (1) A slam presentation session during the program (date/time TBA based on total ERF papers) but before the Friday poster session. Each presentation is limited to 3 minutes or less. The presentations are meant to whet the audience’s interest for that particular research and they can follow-up with questions and feedback either at the poster session or another time. There will be no Q&A during the slam presentation. (2) A poster session scheduled in a regular program time slot before the social on Friday. The poster session will be held in the same venue as the social on Friday, so conversations about the posters can extend into the social hour. There will be mechanisms for attendees to provide written feedback to authors and evaluate ERF papers for awards. Emergent Research Forum papers must not exceed 2,500 words (not counting references and Appendices) and must conform to the AMCIS 2015 submission template. Authors of accepted Emergent Research Forum papers may submit an abstract for the proceedings OR a revised paper.

AMCIS 2015 distinguishes between Full papers and Emergent Research Forum (ERF) papers.

Full Papers:

  • Maximum length: 5,000 words (not counting refences and Appendices)
  • Genre: Completed research
  • Presentation: General session
  • Publication: Entire paper published

ERF Papers:

  • Maximum length: 2,500 words (not counting refences and Appendices)
  • Genre: Completed Research or Research-In-Progress (RIP)
  • Presentation: ERF format
  • Publication: Entire paper published or Abstract

Panels provide an opportunity for a group of researchers to explore a topic or focus of interest in a panel format, typically involving a panel moderator (who poses several questions related to the topic) and three to four expert contributors with alternative views or perspectives on the topic. Depending upon the topic, the experts can be drawn from the academy and/or from industry. Of particular interest are panel submissions that are related to the conference theme, although panel proposals on other relevant topics are also welcome. The panel co-chairs are willing to work with panel submitters to help them develop provocative ideas into strong proposals.

All submissions are to be made via the AMCIS 2015 submission system at ScholarOne’s ManuscriptCentral. After creating an account and logging on to the ScholarOne site, the authors should go to “Author Center” to submit their full paper, emergent research forum paper, or panel proposal.

More specifically, to submit your full papers, emergent research forum papers, or panel proposals:

  • Visit the AMCIS 2015 website for a complete list of tracks and minitracks that are available. Determine the proper minitrack for your submission prior to submission. The AMCIS 2015 website is http://amcis2015.aisnet.org/
  • Use the AMCIS2015 paper or panel template below
  • Read the author submission instructions
  • Submit your paper before February 25, 2015 at 2:00 PM EST via ScholarOne’s ManuscriptCentral
  • You will receive notification by April 21, 2015 whether or not your paper is accepted. If your paper is accepted, revisions and the camera-ready copy must be submitted by April 28, 2015.

Submissions to AMCIS 2015 must be original; submissions cannot have been published or accepted in a journal or conference proceedings, nor presented at another conference. Further, submissions must not be concurrently under consideration for publication or presentation elsewhere.

Scholarly integrity is a core value in our discipline. Scholars submitting papers to this conference thereby attest that they have read the AIS Code of Research Conduct; and the work submitted is in accordance with the Code in all appropriate respects. Editors of AMCIS conference proceedings who receive allegations of plagiarism or other scholarly misconduct may inform the AIS President who may refer the matter, at his/her discretion, to the AIS Research Conduct Committee.

The deadline for full papers, emergent research forum papers, and panel submissions isFebruary 25, 2015 at 2:00 PM EST. We look forward to receiving your manuscripts.

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