4th International Computer Programming Education Conference

We encourage everyone to submit novel and innovative work in areas including but not limited to:
Computer programming standardization and interoperability
– Programming language concepts and methodologies
– Programming exercises standards and specifications
– E-learning Data analytics
– Learning tools interoperability
– Learning cloud services
– Data and graph visualization languages

Computer programming environments, tools and services
– Learning Management Systems
– Massive Open Online Courses
– Repositories of programming exercises
– Intelligent Tutors
– Automatic assessment tools
– Program/Algorithm animation tools
– Automatic program evaluation tools
– Plagiarism tools

Computing programmes, curricula, and courses
– E-learning and B-learning in computer programming courses
– Programming languages teaching methods
– Developing, implementing, or evaluating computing programmes, curricula, and courses
– Pedagogies to foster learning in CS areas (e.g. programming, database systems, physical computing, computer security)
– Social and global challenges in computing education

Innovative use of technologies
– Novel educational methods
– Educational resources recommendation
– Sequencing of educational resources
– Gamification in computer programming education
– Game based learning
– Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
– AI to drive student progress (e.g. bot coaching)

Paper Submission 25 April 2023
Paper Author Notification 24 May 2023
Final Paper Submission 31 May 2023
Accepted Papers Author Registration Deadline 15 June 2023
Conference 26-28 June 2023

+infos(oficial): https://icpeconf.org/

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