The 24th International Conference on Information Systems Development

The 24thInternational Conference on Information Systems Development (ISD) will be held in HarbinChinaAugust 25-27, 2015.

The Conference Theme is “Transforming Healthcare through Information Systems”

Healthcare as we know it is increasingly unaffordable and incapable of dealing with emerging population dynamics. Information Systems ((S) play an important role in healthcare transformation to meet current and future needs. As healthcare expands to address wellness as well as treatment in a more patient-centric context, aspects of content and process as well as technology all enter into ISD considerations. The ISD2015Conference focuses on these mutual influences in order to promote research into methodological issues and ways in which information systems designers are transforming healthcare.  The ISD2015 conference, among other topics, will focus on:
·         IS Impact on Healthcare Organizations and Society
·         ISD for Healthcare Education
·         ISD for Clinical Decision Support
·         Sensor-based Systems Development
·         Mobile Systems and Applications
·         Model Driven Development and Concepts
·         Security and Privacy Considerations
·         General Concepts Related to Healthcare ISD Methodologies, Project Management and Other Topics.

We therefore kindly invite you to share your knowledge and experience by submitting a paper to the 24th ISD conference and make your contribution to this upcoming event that will be hosted by the eHealth Research Institute, School of Management, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, China.For additional information see the conference website at

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